With the closure of many finance companies and "non bank" funders during the weak economy, the current financial climate has made funding for short to medium term projects more difficult to obtain.  Even simple bridging finance, where you can demonstrate little risk to the lender, has become less available.

The main banks are still taking a very conservative approach towards bridging finance scenarios also, particularly where there is no guarantee of repayment.

Development finance is even harder to obtain these days as many lenders have had bad experiences with mortgagee sales of bare land, some finance companies are simply saying NO to any lending proposal involving undeveloped land as security.

Fortunately, there are still a few very good options for this type of finance if you can gain access to them.

Since leaving my career at the National Bank over 10 years ago I have built strong relationships with a large group of lenders, both private individuals and finance companies, who are still very much ready and willing to lend money, short to medium term, secured by good quality real estate in New Zealand.

I offer a fast approval process and individual attention, you will be professionally catered for in total confidentiality.

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